Boat Safari In Sunderbans

Sunderbans boat safari is probably the most adventurous and unique forest safari in India. The dense mangrove forest of the Sunderbans gets dissected into the numerous delta region by the numerous river channels which make the forest a truly wild and frightening. The natural home of the Royal Bengal Tigers, the most dangerous predator of the wild, the Sunderbans National Park attracts the wildlife lovers from all corners of the world for the adventurous safari organized by the tourism department of the West Bengal state in India. Exploring this dangerous forest which boasts the unique ecology and diverse range of a large number of wild flora and fauna is an adrenaline rushing adventurous activity loved by the Nature lovers and tiger-loving wildlife enthusiasts.

Being a forest with only the water-based connectivity to the outer world, the boat safari is the only way to explore this beautiful mangrove forest. The boats and small ships are the only modes of traveling in the forest through the river channels and water canals. The boats which are registered with the tourism department of West Bengal to operate in the Sunderbans National Park can get inside the park for any tourism activity. The boats are specially designed for offering the best sighting experience of the forest and its exclusive flora and fauna. From a four-seater small boat to the forty-seater big boat, the various sizes of boats are available to cater the small group of tourists to the large convoy of wildlife lovers.

The tourism department of West Bengal has well maintained the roadways and waterways connecting the Sunderbans National park to the nearest towns. Visitors to the Sunderbans National Park can use either the airways or railways or roadways to visit the starting point of the Sunderbans tour which is the Godkhali port. The Sunderbans forest can be explored only through the medium of water transport so from the Godkhali port you can use the small or the big boat to further explore the wildlife of Sunderbans.

The safari boats are equipped with comfortable sitting chairs on the deck for the wildlife sighting and sleeping beds in the cabin for having a rest when required. There is an on-board kitchen and the kitchen staffs prepare and provide you the foods and snacks while on the safari inside the park. The boat has also the on-board bathroom facility available for the visitors. You can hire the boat at the Godkhali Port where you can reach by hiring a taxi or cab directly from the Kolkata Airport or the Sealdah Railway Station. You have to obtain the entry permit to get inside the National Park from the Divisional Forest Office and hire a boat along with the guide which is mandatory. To avoid all these hassles, you can opt any of our various Sunderbans tour packages which include entry permit, boat, guide, accommodation and food.

For going on the Sunderbans Tiger Safari, the boats are available to hire on the basis of the number of days you want to spend in the forest. As Sunderbans National Park Tourism Authority allows entry permit for a few hours to a maximum of one week, so the boat can also be hired accordingly. During your boat safari, the food will be available for you on the boat itself, which will be included in the package. The larger the size of the boat, the lesser the cost you have to pay per head. The per head cost will be higher in the small boat of 4 seats than the larger boat of around 40-50 seats. However, the small boat is preferred by the adventurous wildlife enthusiasts who want to delve more deeply into the forest. You can choose according to your budget and time duration of your trip.

Note: The Sunderbans National Park remains open all round the year for the Boat Safari. However, it is best to avoid visiting the Sunderbans in the monsoon seaon from July to September as the water levels of the rivers are very high due to the rain and it could be dangerous to sail boat in sunderbans during these days.