• Sundarbans National Park is the only Mangrove Tiger Land in the World

  • Sundarbans National Park is the only Mangrove Tiger Land in the World

  • Sundarbans National Park is the only Mangrove Tiger Land in the World


How to Reach Sundarbans

Reaching Sundarbans is not a problem as there is a fantastic network of roads and railways.Even for the tourists coming from abroad the closest airport is in Kolkatta, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Airport, which is 112 Kms and it takes nearly 3 hours by road and 2 hours of boat ride for reaching Sunderbans.

If you are traveling by train then there are trains to Canning from Sealdah at regular intervals and the train covers this distance in one and a half hour. The private taxi or the shared vans are also available at Canning and takes you Godhkhali Jetty, the initial point of the boat cruise to the Sundabans.

For the people traveling by road Sunderbans is just 112 Kms from Kolkatta and there are regular buses from Kolkatta to Namkhana which is 106 km, Sonakhali that is approximately100 km, Canning which is 64 km, which are all close to the Sunderbans and have entrance to the riverine watercourse.

Some of the famous tourist Places that are around Sundarbans are-


Shantiniketan is a beautiful place close to nature and is about is 212 Kms from Kolkatta. The drive till Shantiniketan takes around four hours. Established in 1901 by great creative thinker Shri. Rabindra Nath Tagore and Noble Laureate and Shantiniketan is a place that echo peace and wonderful harmony of environment and civilization.


Digha is a wonderful place and lot of tourists come here to enjoy at the beach and lot of other attractions present here.The chief tourist center is the New Digha that has a science center and also the largest marine aquariums in the continent of Asia. An additional attraction in New Digha is the Lake Amravati which also has boating facilities. A little exceptional pull in Digha is the snake farm that lies in close proximity to the Lake . Located barely 8kms from Digha is a very old temple that is devoted to the Lord Shiva, temple of Chandaneswar. You can also visit Talasari beach which is 3 kms and Shankarpur beach which is just 14 kms from Digha.

Gangasagar Gangasagar is an attractive tourist destination, that allures both the adventure lovers and the pilgrims. Situated on an isle in close vicinity to the Sunderbans, Gangasagar provides the charm of an unharmed beach on the bank of the Ganges River. Gangasagar is a great place for the tourists who want to spend their time in total tranquility. Famous as Sagardwip, Gangasagar is quite unknown and therefore the place has its own charm as it is un-spoilt. Gangasagar is also famous as the Hindu pilgrimage place in India. Every year in the middle of January on Makar Sankranti, Hindu pilgrims from all across India, collect at Gangasagar for a sacred dip at the meeting of the Ganga River and the Bay of Bengal. Gangasagar is mentioned in a lot of fables of Hindu myths and in the old Indian literature like the Ramayana, the Mahabharata, etc..

The lighthouse present at Gangasagar provides a spectacular view of this awesome beach and you can also enjoy the sunrise and the sunset. Visit Gangasagar and take home some of the most wonderful memories.